The Social Network is too Popular to Ignore. It's in the Hands of Your Buyers- Wherever they go.

Ever since Instagram has popped into the scene of social media, It has graduated from being a photo-sharing app to a marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. And with the right Instagram marketing tips for business, marketers can use it as a major platform to effectively reach the right audience and establish a positive brand reputation. Here are some of the Instagram stats that are essential for Instagram marketers:

Now while Instagram is a marketing haven for the brands but the main challenge in Instagram marketing is that whatever you post, it has to attract as many as target audiences within a short period of time. With nearly 4.2 billion posts being posted daily, the average life span of an Instagram post becomes very less.

In order to plan a successful Instagram marketing strategy, here are a few tip and tricks that can help you attract a huge base of followers in a short period of time and drive traffic to your site :

  • Building a business account

It is always good to have a separate account for your business. Instagram marketing for small businesses can become quite tedious if their Instagram account has personal pictures and videos. This can derail the marketing strategy as your audience is interested in knowing more about your product rather than your personal life.

  • Create current, creative, and useful content

Instagram is a great platform for marketing if your target audience is between the age of 18 and 49. Being creative your post can boost your Instagram marketing in an effective way. A recent study has described Instagram as study describe Instagram as current (42%), creative (37%), and useful (32%).

  • Captions, Captions, Captions!

Best Instagram marketers know the importance of eye capturing captions. One can always pose questions to attract the curiosity of the audience. One can always go for long captions, unlike the general recommendation that the Instagram caption is to be kept short.

  • Using Proper Hashtags

Another important marketing tip for Instagram is the use of proper hashtags. Hashtags help marketers to link the post with similar threads which in turn attract a wider base of audience. Try to find niche-specific hashtags. They increase your chances of attracting the target audience to your content.

  • Contests and Quizzes

Everybody loves to win! Contest and Quizzes can be a great Instagram strategy for business can attract a plethora of audience and creating a hype about the brand or product. Try creating a series of posts for the contests, also posting the pictures of the giveaways for the contests.

  • Using URLs in your videos

Including URLs in your posts or at the end of the videos so that they can help your audience to your websites or other social media platforms such as Youtube, FB etc.

  • Collaborating with Influencers

Companies can always collaborate with the influencers for their marketing campaigns. Instagram marketing for influencers is quite easy as they already have their huge base of followers and they can promote brands among them which can, in turn, result in huge sale turnovers.

  • Sharing customer’s feedback

Instead of just promoting or highlighting the benefits of the product, let your customers vouch for you.

You can post testimonials, reviews, stories, videos about your products on Instagram. Customer testimonials show off how others have benefited from your products, and serve as a powerful tool for using Instagram for marketing your brand and make potential customers take action.

  • Use of creative teaser campaigning

Creating an air of curiosity before launching your product can stimulate your target audience and make your Instagram marketing campaign more effective. Offering exclusive content to your loyal followers, posting teaser photos, product teaser videos or using Instagram stories are some of the effective strategies.

  • Partnering with other brands

Partnering with other brands can help you reach your target audience, get more followers and build strong relationships with other brands. Try creating joint Instagram marketing campaigns with relevant brands. You can run a contest, giveaway, or create a promotional offer together to generate sales from your partnership.

  • Cross-promotion of Instagram posts

Promote your Instagram posts on other social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), and invite your fans to follow you on Instagram. You can use different ways to cross-promote. For example, you can post your video content on Facebook or Linkedin or share your Instagram contests on relevant social networks.

  • Competition between likes and comments

Another Instagram marketing strategy for business is to engage consumers by conducting a quick poll/survey with your followers and let them vote by using either “comment” or “like.” It’s an easy way to increase engagements with your target audience and doesn’t take much effort.

  • Engage through Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a unique method for an Instagram marketer to connect with their followers on a more personal level. Be it product launches, Q&As, or influencer takeovers, make sure to announce your live broadcast well in advance.

  • When to post on Instagram!

Rather than posting anytime, the right Instagram branding strategy is to post at the crucial times when your followers are active online. A recent survey proved that the best time to post on Instagram is between 7 to 9 pm. Apps like Iconograph or Buffer can help you find the best time to post by using your Instagram data.

  • Investing in Instagram Ads

Although Instagram ensures your post to reach most of your target users organically, companies can invest in Instagram ads as an Instagram strategy to make sure that you can reach 100% of your targeted active users. People who don’t follow you can see your ads and probably find interest in your message.

  • Telling stories on Instagram

Telling stories on Instagram can be an essential part of an Instagram marketing plan. This feature can be used to increase their Instagram marketing growth. One can string several pictures/videos on Instagram stories together to tell a narrative.

  • Monitoring the metrics

In order to ensure the success of Instagram marketing,  keeping a track of right metrics (follower growth, likes, comments, top posts, the number of clicks to your URL, posts, etc.) is very important. Based on the results, you can figure out what works best for you and have more clarity and can be used to monitor the competitors and adopt new methods.

  • Giving discounts to loyal followers

This Instagram marketing tip is a sure-shot way to attract attention to the brand and gain followers. One can create a landing page or popup for the site that gets users to give their email address and provides an entry action that provides them credits for following you on Instagram.

  • Consistency trumps quantity of posts

One should post 1-2 posts at a defined interval of time. This way the feed stays fresh and relevant, and one can have more opportunities to attract an audience with the content. Also, consistency can ensure a clear and organized way for marketing strategy on Instagram.

  • Using a content calendar

Tools like Google Calendar or Trello is a great way to organize your Instagram posts and manage your overall content strategy. The calendar helps you track performance and plan for future posts on Instagram and improve efficiency.

By following these best Instagram strategies, you can maximize your Instagram channel’s potential. It doesn’t matter how the network evolves, you can increase Instagram engagement while keeping those likes, shares and comments coming.