Public image is a key aspect that forms almost 63% of the company’s value in the market. Hence it is of utmost importance to invest in good public relations strategies to maintain a positive image of the brand. It is after all about sending the right message to the consumers which increases the brand credibility of the company.

Public relations (PR) is a powerful tool that can be used in many effective ways. It has come a far way long from a traditional approach such as print media to a modern mode such as social media. And with widespread outreach of the internet makes social media the perfect partner for public relations. The best PR agency can provide you the complete strategy for your brand.


Over the last few years, social media has become a huge part of people’s life. Its extensive use has radically changed the way people communicate and share information. Its impact has not only affected the people, but also the brands as they try to engage their audiences and win their loyalty.

Public relations is akin to social media as professionals constantly seek out to communicate and influence the consumers where social media can play a huge role in becoming an integral part of their public relations process while they also offer social management services as well.


On average, consumers spend 2.5 hours on social sites every day which shows how much of an impact social media has on the PR industry. Here are some of the essential strategies that can help public media enjoys the benefits of social media:

  • New Tech trends such as VR (virtual reality) which can change the game in terms of digital storytelling. Idaho Commerce used VR at a Select USA Summit, which draws around 3,000 organizations. They used VR, which allowed people to visit Idaho’s trade show booth to visit the state’s milestone locales. This allowed potential investors to understand what the state brought to the table becoming one of the most featured stalls at the event.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels have transformed the form of communication between companies and the public. In the era of instant Twitter and Instagram feedback, companies now have customer service representatives answering questions in real-time via social media.
  • Social media has allowed an average person to create their own platform and cultivate their own followers which shows that niche-influencers have major sway in the future of PR.
  • In these tempestuous times, one can rely on Twitter to get the latest news. PR agencies and experts are now investing less energy covering news to a wide net of journalists but concentrating on a very focused media outreach and relationship building.


Social media as a part of PR campaigns can play a dynamic role as a social channel can widely promote a company’s image, help to create a loyal customer base while developing useful connections with influencers and media professionals so that one can stay ahead in case of a crisis.

Some of the ways how social media can help are:

  • Social media can help in improving the public awareness of the company through blogging, posts, and online mentions spreading the word about your company. The more readers it attracts, the higher number of followers will be gained which increases the reach of communications.
  • Incorporating social sharing links and buttons to press releases which makes it easier to distribute the information to a wider audience with a click of a button.
  • Strong content with relevant SEO and links to well-known and established domains can result in increased traffic and in turn potentially improving the search rankings.
  • Hashtags have emerged as a key tool in a public relations campaign. A tag can help in connecting with different lines of communication around the world, making it easier for professionals to keep track of what is being said about the company or brand.
  • Social networking sites allow you to have a substantial consumer base by allowing them to ask questions or posting their thoughts. Using these channels, one can keep the readers engaged and allows companies to know what people are talking about their brand keeping them ready to dispel bad “word of mouth” incase.

Social media is constantly changing the arena of public relations with its upcoming trends and innovations making way for PR professionals and PR agencies to implement social media in their public relations strategies.