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The Media Troop- the youngest Public Relations PR and digital marketing agency in Pune, India- is overseen by and has the unflagging support of PR virtuosos. Our state-of-the-art modus operandi leaves no stone unturned as we push to the limits when it comes to customizing solutions. We have been recognized as the best PR agency in Pune, The Media Troop goes a step ahead and deciphers problems and offers solutions in a way that is as rare as hen’s teeth.

We deliver communications strategies that give our clients the confidence to lead, act with certainty, and earn the lasting trust of their stakeholders. We develop powerful ideas and tell magnetic stories that move at the speed of news, make an immediate impact, transform culture, and spark movements.

PR Agency in Pune and Maharashtra

PR Agency in Pune and Maharashtra, we focus on a holistic approach to public relations and digital marketing by looking at the client’s core values, target market, and best practices and methodology on how to craft an authentic message that resonates directly with their audience.

We believe bolstering Customer relationship management (CRM) is Indispensable to sustainable business, while ethics, transparency, and unbiasedness are the sine qua non for a successful public relations program. As a top PR agency in Pune and digital marketing agency in Pune, Constant, incremental innovation for creating value for our clients is also a part of our value system.

 We offer 360-degree digital marketing and public relation solutions to our clients, with effective strategies and excellent execution so that clients can reach out to media and masses effectively ensuring a high Return on Investment (ROI). The Media Troop is among the top PR agencies in Pune, digital PR agency in Pune and best digital marketing agency in Pune our reputation has been acquired by providing accurate, well timely news and presenting it in a manner that gives clear meaning to media persons.

The few businesses that we do not work for include: Tobacco, alcohol, meat-processing, and gambling.

What do we do?

Divergent thinking- from designing PR campaigns to preparing crisis management plans, celebrity management, driving customers through digital marketing to website development, software development, etc. We work on all aspects of PR, digital marketing, and reputation management, to help businesses perform successfully.

What’s behind the name?

We strongly believe that Media (Newspapers, magazines, etc.) and digital media platforms are not lesser than any ‘artillery’ to strengthen your power. We are like the troop in the field of media who aims to improve the business and accelerate the brand value!

Troop Social

The Media Troop, the best digital marketing agency in Pune, India. Our initiative on social media management for small entrepreneurs ‘Troop Social’ is highly appreciated and acknowledged by the entrepreneurs. Media Troop is the best social media management agency with a talented young team of web and social media experts. Our focus is on helping small entrepreneurs around the world manage their daily marketing processes with effective and affordable solutions, without compromising on quality. We are among the top SEO companies in Pune, Web Development Company in Pune, and Software Development Company in Pune.

Social media is a must for any business or freelancer but we know it can be overwhelming. With so much information out there what should you trust? And how do you find the time to keep up while you’re running your own business?

We take the pressure off and allow you to do the things you’re good at (running your business). Please contacts us for a customized social media strategy for your marketing needs.

Work with heart

We believe bringing your heart to work is about opening the door to connection, to service and that creates the potential for a deeper, richer experience that benefits both you and the people around you.

Coming out from behind the armor and facade creates an opportunity for a depth of connection with both people and your experience that can never be had hiding behind a “professional” mask.

Reliable services

We specialize in providing public relations and internet marketing services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to clients.

Great support

Providing great customer service means knowing just what to say and the best way to say it. But communication is hard, and it’s made.

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