Crisis Management company in pune

The Media Troop- A Crisis Management Company In Pune

Crisis communication is the mitigation of damage to your brand’s image by third-party sources. It aims to safeguard the reputation of your brand by maintaining its public image. Numerous factors like criminal charges, government probes, media inquiry will tarnish the image of a company.

We at The Media Troop, a top crisis management agency concentrates on building your presence through credibility. Starting with our in-depth strategy session we tend to outline our overall aims, proactive stages to boost your profile in the most suitable long-term direction, and countermeasures to limit the risks of a crisis.

Your brand identity is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. The main purpose of the Crisis Communication team is to safeguard the brand identity/ brand building and maintain the organization’s firm standing within the industry.

We strive hard to overcome tough situations and help the organization come out of difficult situations in the best possible and quickest way.

Our Crisis Management Team is created to respond promptly to warning signals of crisis and execute relevant plans to overcome crisis situations.

Crisis Management team primarily focuses on:

• Identifying the first signs of crisis.

• Identifying the matter areas

• Sit with representatives face to face and discuss the identified areas of concern

• Prepare crisis management strategy that works best throughout emergency situations.

• Help the organization come out of tough times and additionally prepare it for the long run.

One of the main roles of the Crisis management team is to remain up-to-date with external clients as well as media. The team should handle crucial situations well.

Develop alternate plans and methods for the tough times. Ensure that we’ve got accurate information. Double-check information before finalizing the strategy.

Implement the plans instantly for results. Proper feedback must be taken from time to time.

Crisis Management team helps the organization to take the right step at the right time and help the organization overcome crucial situations.

We know how to effectively communicate during a crisis to minimize risk and exposure and manage the client’s reputations. Our clients often comment on how quickly we jump in and become members of their team. They appreciate the fact that we consider all of the angles, the short- and long-term, and the nuances of their organization.

We believe there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. We always create customized strategies for each crisis communications client using our range of experience across the industries.

Today’s instant news cycle, propelled by social media, means that a swift and solid response is more critical.

The Media Troop’s Approach to Crisis Management

•             Integrate quickly with leadership, legal and communications teams

•             Assess the crisis

•             Understand the context and resources

•             Identify the stakeholders

•             Develop and implement an integrated crisis communications strategy

•             Provide ongoing strategic counsel, crisis management and crisis communications support

•             Conduct situational review & threat assessments

•             Plan and implement press conferences

•             Media management and response

•             Media training